Security and SSL

Thanks to Certbot and Lets Encrypt, all websites can now have free secure SSL access using the https protocol.  All new websites will have this as standard.  I will transfer older websites over to SSL as required.

What does this mean?

A lot of website use https these days.  You can see this when you visit a website. Next to the address there is a padlock symbol indicating that it is using SSL over https.  You should see it for this website.   This means that all the information transferred between your computer and the website is encrypted meaning that no-one in between can see the data.

It is especially important to use this secure protocol when you administer your website using the web browser.  This includes software such as WordPress or other content management systems.  Basically anywhere you enter a password should use a secure connection so it can’t be snooped while being transferred.

If you have a website on the server still running un-securely and you would like to move over to SSL urgently – please contact me